What software should you use to record your episodes? How do you find music for your intros and outros? How long should your episodes be?  You don’t need to worry about any of this- we will help you navigate the whole process of launching your podcast!

  • Strategy and onboarding call
  • Guidance with best practices and promotion 
  • Help with music selection and podcast cover art
  • Set up podcast in podcast host 
  • Edit and produce trailer and 3 launch episodes
  • Write episodes summaries for trailer and each episode
  • Submit on all platforms including- Apple, Google, Spotify, Stitcher
  • Pull quotes for use on social media 
  • Podcast launch and management system

Starting at $1295

Monthly Management

With the different Monthly Management packages, you can find one that best suits your needs.

Editing Only

Starting at $595
  • Editing of weekly episodes up to 30 minutes
  • Noise reduction
  • Removing mistakes, long pauses, and filler words like um, like, & you know
  • Mixing intro/outro music + ads
  • Leveling audio
  • Final mp3 file in Dropbox

Editing, Uploading, and Episode Summaries

Starting at $795

  • Episode summaries for each episode
  • Uploading and scheduling to your host
  • Use and update podcast management board

Editing, Uploading, Blog Post, and More

Starting at $1195
  • Blog post for each episode that includes graphics, episode player, and show notes (summary, takeaways, and resource links)
  • 3-5 quotes per episode
  • Monthly stats & analytics 
  • Semi-annual review of your show
I love working with Krissy! She is always looking for ways for the show to improve. Whether it’s a guest idea, something to increase listeners or just making sure everything sounds it’s best. One of the best parts of working with her is how she collaborates and goes above and beyond. She rocks!