What software should you use to record your episodes? How do you find music for your intros and outros? How long should your episodes be?  You don’t need to worry about any of this- I will help you navigate the whole process of launching your podcast!

  • Strategy and onboarding call
  • Guidance with best practices and promotion 
  • Help with music selection and podcast cover art
  • Create podcast in libsyn or host of your choice
  • Edit and produce trailer and 3 launch episodes
  • Write episodes summaries for trailer and each episode
  • Write show notes for trailer and each episode
  • Embed podcast player and show notes on website for launch episodes
  • Submit on all platforms including- Apple, Google, Spotify, Stitcher
  • Pull quotes to be used on social media 
  • Set-up monthly statistics spreadsheet 
  • Podcast launch and management Trello board

Monthly Management

With the Monthly Management package, you will have everything done so all you have to do is just hand over the audio. Just hit record and I’ll take care of the rest!

  • Produce weekly episodes up to 30 minutes in length
  • Edit out verbal and nonverbal pauses and mistakes and reduce background noise
  • Add intro/outro/music and balance audio through auphonic
  • Write episodes summaries for each episode
  • Write show notes and add them to website with embedded podcast player
  • Upload episodes to libsyn or host of choice for scheduled release date
  • Pull quotes to be used on social media
  • Provide monthly statistics report
  • Podcast management Trello board

Other Services

Not all businesses have the same needs and not all podcasts do either! If you need more for your podcast, here are other services you can add to your package.

Prices Vary

  • Create audiograms for use on social media 
  • Manage guests and communications
  • Research and reach out to potential guests to be on your podcast
  • Research episode topics and help create a content calendar
I love working with Krissy! She is always looking for ways for the show to improve. Whether it’s a guest idea, something to increase listeners or just making sure everything sounds it’s best. One of the best parts of working with her is how she collaborates and goes above and beyond. She rocks!